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Our History

The New York Mandolin Orchestra was founded in 1924 by Samuel Firstman and named; New York Freiheit Mandolin Orchestra.

In the years following 1924, there were a number of other mandolin orchestras functioning in New York City:

- The Mandolin Symphonette
- New York Mandolin Symphony
- The Workmen's Circle Mandolin Orchestra
- The International Ladies Garment Workers Union Orchestra
- The International Workers Order Mandolin Orchestra
- The Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order Orchestra

During the 1980's, as their older members died, or moved to Florida, many orchestras began to disband, and the remaining members
joined our orchestra. The New York Mandolin Orchestra, has continued uninterrupted music-making into its eighth decade!

Today we are the only full-fledged mandolin orchestra in the City of New York with members from all Boroughs of New York City,
Nassau, Orange, Dutchess and Rockland Counties, and the State of New Jersey.

Our Goals

- to stimulate interest in the mandolin, and the music produced by the mandolin
- to promote the mandolin family of instruments, and mandolin music, with an emphasis on the classical style
- to preserve and perpetuate a high standard of mandolin playing.

Many of our members perform with bluegrass, and chamber ensembles. Barry Mitterhoff of Silk City has been a member of our Orchestra since 1976, and was our Concertmaster from 1985 - 1997.

We welcome all musicians of all levels! Our Orchestra sections of strings and winds are:
- Mandolins (first & seconds)
- Mandolas (reading alto clef)
- Mandocello
- Mandobass or Bass
- Concertina
- Flute
- Recorder


For more information please email nymandorchestra@gmail.com

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